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Vanter med skærm finger med logo antibakterielle


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Vanter med skærm finger med logo antibakterielle

Antibacterial pair of gloves, designed for touchscreen devices. Warm and soft acrylic finishing in bicolor combination. Pointer in middle, index and thumb fingers. One size fits all, for adults. Presented in an individual bag. Products with antibacterial treatments are able to drastically reduce the bacterial levels present on the surfaces of the materials, thanks to the addition of permanent static microbial agents, with high effectiveness in inhibiting and preventing bacterial contamination. Item according to the ISO 20743 standard, which determines the antibacterial activity in textile products. This allows us to know the effectiveness of microbial inhibition that additives have on treated objects by means of a quantitative evaluation.

Teccode: 100600


In the upper face

Area Code: 285

Maximum printing area:4.50x4.50